Behind the Brand


The Wet Clay brand was created from a desire to make beautiful products out of materials that would otherwise go unused. This project began in 2011 when Bre was working at a high end furniture store in Savannah, GA. It quickly became a goal to find a use for all of the discontinued leather samples that had to be discarded. All of the Wet Clay cuff bracelets are made of reclaimed, full grain upholstery leather, and because each piece of leather is unique no two bracelets are exactly alike.


The name “Wet Clay” stems from the idea of being mold-able and open to infinite possibilities. This is a philosophy that carries through many aspects of the Wet Clay brand, striving not to be limited when creating unique designs and products.


Our materials and designs are what make us different from most leather cuffs out there. The life span of our cuffs is significantly lengthened because of the leather we use: full grain upholstery grade leathers harvested and tanned in the US. If these leathers can withstand the wear that is taken by a sofa they can certainly handle being worn around a wrist. Because the hides are treated for upholstery use they are very soft and comfortable to wear. 

Bre Walters, Owner/Designer


Bre Walters is an Iowa born designer who began Wet Clay as a passion to create something new and unique from otherwise unused materials. From a young age Bre has pursued many areas of art including set design, illustration, and fine art. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the midwest when designing, she loves to combine natural or raw elements with clean and geometric form. These are the aesthetic qualities found in her designs for Wet Clay.