Ok, so we know that leather is not the most sustainable product and probably never will be. That's why we have made it our goal to find leather that is already out there and going to waste. 

All of the leather we use is one of two things. 1- It's made in America and comprised of cut offs from cut- offs, salvaged pieces, or pieces that are considered "blemished". 2- It's sourced from locally found or salvaged items. This cuts down on the environmental impact where shipping and freight are concerned and allows us to track the labor practices used in the creation of the leather. 


The lovely baggies in which your Wet Clay cuffs arrive are made of 100% cotton and are entirely biodegradable. The ink used to apply the logo to the bag is vegetable based and hand stamped onto each individual bag. We chose to use the bags over custom packaging due to end of life possibilities. We wanted to make sure that our packaging could serve an additional function post order other than just holding the bracelet.


Paper, paper, paper.... we use it for business cards, thank you cards, invoices, and even promotional stickers. Which is why we make sure to select papers that are both recycled and biodegradable. Same with the ink used for printing, all vegetable based and safe for humans and the environment. 

Same as with our papers, we make sure to choose compostable envelopes and shipping supplies that won't contribute to landfill magnitudes.